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Welcome to Strive2Drive Driving School - Driving School Cheltenham, your road to driving starts here!

At Strive2Drive – Driving School Cheltenham, seeks to teach its students more than they need to pass the driving test on the first time out. It is this driving school’s goal to make sure beginning drivers have the skills necessary to operate their vehicles safely and with confidence. Our driving instructors at our driving school in Cheltenham works with each of our students during their driving lessons, teaching a range of driving skills to make them a safe driver on our roads.

From risk awareness and emergency actions to vehicle safety and practical driving, our driving instructors at Strive2Drive – Driving School Cheltenham, will work through a driving program to improve each of our Cheltenham student's driving skill sets. The instructors at our driving school will even work with parents to help ensure our learner drivers are practicing safe driving techniques.

We have over 12 years experience helping our drivers in Cheltenham and the surrounding areas develop their safe driving skills. With our aim to help our students not only pass their licence test, but to become safe drivers as well, there is no wonder more clients are seeking Strive2Drive driving school for their driving needs.

At Strive2Drive – Driving School Cheltenham, we take the safety of our Cheltenham students extremely seriously. We ensure all of our cars at our driving school in Cheltenham are of a high safety standard, with all of our vehicles being late model cars and less than 4 years old.

Our experienced, friendly instructors cater to aspiring drivers of all ages and skill levels. With an industry-recognised reputation for excellence, we pride ourselves on providing a professional driving program tailored to the needs of every individual

Whether you are a new learner driver, an international student, adult aged learner driver or looking for a refresher driving lesson, we provide a range of driving lesson plans to suit your driving needs at Strive2Drive – Driving School Cheltenham.

Correct Teaching

Our featured driving schools correct the correct driving techniques and skills to make them a safer driver on our roads.

Expert Feedback

All driving instructors are certified and experienced professionals, providing students with helpful and constructive feedback.

Better Driving

The aim of the driving lessons are to help you become a better driver, not just to pass your driving test.

Local Driving Schools in Cheltenham:

V.I.P. Driving School

V.I.P. Driving School Team of Experience Driver Trainers, has been in business throughout Metro Melbourne since the early 90's. What makes us different to other driving schools out there is that we don't employ just any instructor to work for us. All our team members are self employed instructors that are working under the V.I.P. banner. Therefore, you are dealing with the actual business owner at all times, so all of us are committed to customer service, super professionalism and provide the most up to date cars with dual controls for peace of mind.

1300 65 80 80

Master Driving School

Master Driving School has over 20 years experience in the driver training industry in metro Melbourne. We provide professional driving instructors to our clients, striving towards creating exceptional all round drivers for our roads. Our determination to provide competitive prices for our lessons combined with high quality driver training has been the benchmark for the industry. All our team members are self employed (franchisee) instructors that are working under the Master Driving School banner.

1300 828 920

Hienz Driving School

If you have never operated a vehicle before or if you need to brush up on your driving skills, you need an experienced and trustworthy Melbourne driving instructor who understands your local area and can guide you along the way. Hienz Driving School appreciate the pressures you may face when preparing for your driving test and the stress that comes with driving in every day traffic conditions. Hienz Driving School makes it easy for you! Hienz Driving School focuses on the essential skills and areas required in order for you to not only pass your driving test but also to drive confidently on the Melbourne roads.

(03) 8390 1773

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